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My name is Mie, I am a passionate character animator and artist who loves story-telling and character development!

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I don't use this blog anymore but all of my latest and favorite artwork + animations is on the professional blog!
I try my best to update it whenever I have new things to show :)
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You can also find me and my animations on:
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* Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/frankyding (Mainly 2D)

For spare-time/trash artwork, there is always Deviantart; I don't use that website as often as I used to but never the less you can find me there as: http://frankyding90.deviantart.com/

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onsdag den 25. september 2013

Parrot Away!

Parrot Away is a bachelor project from The Animation Workshop in Denmark.
It is an animated short film that will be released in January 2015 made by four animators and four CG-artists. I am one of the animators in the group :)
Here are a couple of parrot designs I did for the project

We have our own blog for the project! You should check it out here:
With this blog we will keep you updated throughout the production so you can check in on work-in-progress, artworks, tests etc.

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